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When Should Contact Lenses
be Replaced?

Even if your contact lenses are still comfortable and in good condition beyond the recommended replacement schedule, you should always follow the wearing schedule as recommended by your eyecare professional.

How often should I have
my eyes examined?

Contact lens wearers are recommended to have regular, annual eye examinations by a qualified eyecare professional.

Could I buy contact lenses
without a prescription?

You should only purchase contact lenses that have been prescribed and fitted by an eyecare professional to ensure they are suitable for your specific eyes. They will provide you with an official contact lens prescription outlining the specific parameters, brand and prescription of your contact lenses.

Are Contact Lenses Suitable for
Sports such as Swimming?

Contact lenses can be the best vision correction option for athletes, enhancing visual skills like depth perception, peripheral awareness and eye/hand, eye/foot coordination. Unlike glasses, they offer a competitive advantage because they stay in place and eliminate the risk of injuries from eyeglasses.

It is recommended that you do not swim wearing monthly or two weekly disposable contact lenses as fresh and sea water carry bacteria. However daily disposable contact lenses are ideal for swimming, it is recommended that you discard the lenses after you swim.

How often should I change my contact
lens solution and case?

Most contact lens solutions should be discarded 3 months after opening. Contact lens cases should be replaced every 1 to 3 months depending on your contact lens solution. Most new contact lens solutions come with at least one contact lens case.

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