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Welcome to sweeteyes.co.nz - a New Zealand based, owned and operated contact lens website.

sweeteyes.co.nz is designed to provide you with an easy to use, convenient and cost effective way to order your replacement contact lenses and solutions in a stylish, engaging environment.

sweeteyes.co.nz only supplies the most reputable, genuine, major brands of contact lenses and solutions sourced directly from the manufacturer.

We are dedicated to providing a professional, inexpensive solution for ordering contact lenses and solutions, delivered direct to your workplace or home. sweeteyes.co.nz is designed with the end user in mind, easy to navigate, simple functionality and usability with a different look and a memorable feel.

Ordering is fast and efficient as is the delivery (re-ordering is even quicker).

The health of your eyes is our priority; please ensure your prescription is current, contact lens wearers are recommended to have annual eye examinations from a qualified eyecare professional. Ensure you are ordering the contact lenses prescribed and fitted by your eyecare professional and always consult with your eyecare professional before changing contact lens products.

Thank you for visiting sweeteyes.co.nz we hope you enjoy the experience. If you do, tell others if you don’t tell us.

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