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AO Sept Plus with HydraGlyde (90mL)


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AO Sept Plus with HydraGlyde (90mL)

AOSEPT PLUS with HydraGlyde peroxide Cleaning & Disinfecting Solution delivers the powerful cleaning and trusted disinfection efficacy of clinically proven AOSEPT PLUS Solution, with added moisture for all-day comfort.

AOSEPT PLUS with HydraGlyde has triple action cleaning, the proprietary formula deeply cleans, loosens debris and deposits and enhances protein removal. It also provides all-day, irritant-free comfort, because it has no added preservatives and has low residual peroxide. Ideal for soft (including silicone hydrogel) and rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

Bottle Sizes: 1 x 90mL (Perfect for travel)
Contact Lens Case: 1 x Contact Lens Case


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